Bloodhounds Can Detect A Scent Ten Days Old


These remarkable dogs can follow the scent of a human being through streets crowded with other humans. Their concentration is so intense, they become indifferent to everything else except the scent they are following; and when on the trail, will walk in front of a speeding car and even into …

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Salo Finkelstein Was A Human Adding Machine


This incredible man, who worked for the Polish Government, did the work of forty calculating machines all by himself. Each of these machines had formerly been manned by a trained employee. And the Polish Government vouches for the fact that during those five years in which Dr.¬†Finkelstein tossed huge columns …

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The Scientist’s Tools Secrets Of The Earth


The scientist’s most important tool is his mind. With it he is beginning to uncover secrets of the ages. Mental tools are not enough, howewer, to answer all the questions and to solve all problems. To work out his many ideas for progress, the scientist must have specially-designed fools that …

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Environmental Impacts Of Mineral Extraction


All mineral extraction have some degree of environmental impact. In most developed countries mineral extraction is now closely regulated and environmental impacts are increasingly being controlled. Modern operations are bound by current environmental legislation which is becoming stringent in the developed world. However, in most countries there is a legacy …

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Physical Appearance


One of the first things we notice about another person is his or her physical appearance. Potentially this could involve a great many things. Only certain aspects of appearance have been shown to influence an impression markedly, however. A person’s physique is important -its size, type, and health. Extremes of …

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Dealing with gestures


In recent years there have been many popular books dealing with gestures, or body language as they are sometimes called. These books have suggested that you can tell exactly what someone is thinking or perfectly interpret what they say by merely observing their bodily movements and posture. An open palm …

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Impacts Of Earthquake


The amount of destruction caused by an earthquake depends on the magnitude, frequency and duration of the shock waves as well as the distribution of rock types, topography and building types within an area. As a result an earthquake of similar magnitude can have very different impacts in different places. …

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Power is the ability


Power is the ability to achieve certain ends. Strictly speaking, power is an absolute concept, but it is often treated as a synonym for influence, which may be either direct (the power to do something) or indirect (the power over something). The concept may refer to the relationship between an …

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What is Socialization ?


When social psychologists talk about the responses of people to their social environment, several assumptions are made. It is assumed that people have developed their skills to a point which enables them to comprehend the stimuli in their environment and that they can respond to those stimuli from a circumscribed …

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