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What is Socialization ?


When social psychologists talk about the responses of people to their social environment, several assumptions are made. It is assumed that people have developed their skills to a point which enables them to comprehend the stimuli in their environment and that they can respond to those stimuli from a circumscribed …

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How To Write A Good Paragraph


Writing a paragraph can be enjoyable and easy if you know where to start, how to start and what to write. A well-developed, well organized paragraph gives a clear idea about what the writer is writing in addition to giving satisfaction to the writer. The first thing to do is …

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The Sea Hedgehog Can Kill A Shark


This animal, sometimes known as the urchin fish, is less than a foot in length. It is attacked and swallowed by its enemy, the shark, but the sea hedgehog has a way of dealing with such things. It possesses a skin of spiny points which are like the quills of …

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