3D Printing Technology Can Help Amputeed Peoples Hollywood Technology Time 15096

When it comes to 3D printing, we are talking about future and endless possibilites. There are many 3D printers that can be bought from many companies. Anything that you can imagine can be 3D printed. Just recently, there was a very inspirational story released on a dog who, with the greatness of 3D printing, can now walk and sit naturally.

3D Printers can help increasing of poeple’s life quality

This story of Derby was truly inspirational, but 3D printing can just be about fun as well. 3D printing will cater to the people who have a huge imagination. 3D printing may be the most interest technological invention that has ever occurred. It started out as fun and games, but the world is finding out that 3D printing is becoming much more than that. New toys for kids can be made and even furniture could be created. This can all be done by finding and purchasing Amazon 3D printers.

3D Printers can extend life

As mentioned earlier, 3D printing can be more than just fun and games. 3D printing can be used to make organs and living tissues as well. This is obviously a complex process, but it can be done. This would allow more people to be able to receive transplants. This idea of printing organs and tissues has been discussed for quite a while now.

3D printing really opens up the world for endless possibilities. It allowed a dog to be able to finally walk normally and actually feel useful. Now, that might not sound that great, but just think that 3D printing could help thousands more. It is indeed the future of printing.

3D Printed Legs for Dog, saved his life

A 2-year-old husky mutt can stand, sit and run like an ordinary dog for the first time in his life after receiving a custom-made set of prosthetic legs. Derby, who lives in New York with his owner, Sherry Portonva, was born with partially formed front paws that forced him to use his hind legs and chest to crawl and walk, KNS Radio reported.

Rock Hill, South Carolina-based 3D Systems, which makes 3-D products like printers and materials, made Derby his first set of prosthetic legs last year. The legs helped him run on all fours for the first time, but they didn’t allow him to stand at full height but instead left him hunched over.

His second, new set of legs are the proper height so he can sit and stand like a regular dog.

“Because our first circular ‘blade’ design was so successful, our initial thought was simply to scale the original,” 3D Systems said in a statement. “What we had not accounted for in this second iteration, however, was that while we managed to elevate Derby to the appropriate height, the results of the scaled design were too ungainly for easy movement.”

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