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Planet 10 and/or Planet 9 was is a good news for all nostalgic astronomy enthusiasts that our solar system would have 9 planets again. But it seems that their happiness was short-lived, since NASA is skeptical planet 9 and urges people to have to wait for further scientific evidence before celebrating the signing and researching ancient Roman gods name.

However, researchers have confirmed that the discovery is still just a theory – has been discovered no concrete evidence for the elusive Planet Nine previously

It is a stirring thought: a planet 10 times larger than the earth orbiting the sun, lurking anywhere near beyond Neptune. But no actual planet yet been discovered – and a NASA scientist warned maintains its existence at this point.

Headlines in January this year were claims that the discovery of a new planet had been made known only as Planet Nine after the scientists noticed something was going on with the alignment of Pluto and its four moons. Researchers noticed a discrepancy in the relative weights on the dwarf planet and its satellites are, and argued that there must be another massive body was is to influence others around him.

While studying images from the Kuiper Belt, recognised the two astronomers, that a large number of icy bodies and dirt are behaving strangely. They seemed as if they were attracted by a larger object.

The researchers then gathered more data and fed it with a computer simulation. The simulation predicted that explains caused only by an appeal of a planet the strange movement of the body and the wreckage. This led astronomers to publish their work quickly and keep their new discovery Planet 9 or Planet X.

This planet is nine as much as 20 times the distance of Neptune from our star, the sun to lie. It is therefore in the Kuiper Belt.

The paper, which serves as a hypothetical model for it, so that the presence of a huge celestial bodies in the Kuiper Belt to can explain the behaviour of some of the objects in the region.

Basically, it’s to see the goal of the whole enterprise, which lies beyond the solar system. In order to go from the known to the unknown, which this planet comes in nine. And while the ball was rolling on her trail, there is plenty of research that carried out must be done to confirm the results.

Where’d Planet Nine come from and how it came at the end in the outer solar system? Scientists have long believed that the early solar system began to grip around with four planetary cores, which went on to all of the gas around them, form the four gas planets Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune. Over time, collisions and ejections they shaped and pulled them from their current locations. “But there is no reason that it would not have five wires, instead of four,” says Brown. Nine Planet could represent this fifth core, and if it is too close to Jupiter or Saturn, it could have been ejected in his distant, eccentric orbit.

Batygin and Brown continued to refine their simulations and learn more about the orbit of the planet and its influence on the distant solar system. Meanwhile, Brown and other colleagues have begun looking to the sky for planets Nine.

If Planet Nine existed, scientists believe it would be more than 20 times farther from the sun than is the last gas giant of its kind, Neptune

Would expect scientists to extend the planet somewhere in the Kuiper Belt, the region of tiny, ice-covered rocks, and includes up to find about Pluto at the very outer edge of the solar system. So far no one has been able to get a visual confirmation of the mysterious Planet Nine. The researchers expect that it would be easy to observe with a telescope and predict that it would take a sighting a couple of months before confirmation of scanning. Until someone the planet provides, however, there is no way to prove that it exists. Stay tuned for more news Planet Nine voted as the astronomers carry a wide census of the outermost reaches of the solar system in the coming months.

Many professional astronomers have said that was found after washing the sky, no proof of such a planet. Had it been there, it would have recognized a long time ago.

Because the telescopes are as powerful as the probability of a planet nine would be certain now. Since this is just a case of smoke and mirrors, however, was not a permanent establishment has emerged to date.

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