Amazon Has Thrown Out Apple Tv And Chromecast Tempe Tech Time 8026

Amazon has done what it had promised earlier – it will even take down Apple T.V and Google Chromecast if the giants do not comply with Amazon’s demands – work with Prime Video. Since both Apple T.V and Chromecast didn’t comply with Amazon, the two devices got officially removed from the website’s listings.

Amazon reasoned by stating the following in their official statement.

“It’s important that the streaming media players we sell interact well with Prime Video in order to avoid customer confusion.”

“Amazon Officially Removes” ! Apple T.V, Chromecast Sales from its website as the devices do not support Prime Video

There is still some element of doubt left as Chromecast’s SDK is open and Amazon could have easily decided to add support for it instead of blatantly removing all listings from its website.

Amazon did not give an official announcement that it will remove and all devices that are incompatible with Prime Video. Instead it sent email to resellers advising them that the possibility of discontinuation of sales by the end of October is imminent, if their demands are not met.

“Over the last three years, Prime Video has become an essential a part of Prime. It is essential that the streaming media gamers we promote interact nicely with Prime Video as a way to keep away from buyer confusion,” wrote the organization in an earlier statement before actually going ahead with the decision of removing the listings.

Along with its own brand Fire T.V, Amazon will continue to sell other companies’ video-streaming devices that are compatible with Prime Video, which includes Xbox, Roku and Sony’s PlayStation.

Customers who are going on Amazon and are searching for the ‘banned’ products are now being redirected to listings for a Hearth TV machine.

Why has Amazon suddenly kicked out Apple TV and Chromecast?

Amazon has thrown out Apple TV and Chromecast.

The online retailer is trying to give a leg up to its own Fire TV, and as a result you won’t be able to find its competitors on the digital shelves of, according to an Apple Insider report.

Amazon is trying to increase its Prime Video subscriptions, as well as sales of Fire TV and Fire TV Sticks. It’s not a surprise, as Amazon announced it would be eliminating competing products weeks ago to prevent “customer confusion,” according to the report.

You’ll still be able to buy other products that support Prime Video, such as the Xbox and PlayStation consoles, and the Roku hardware. It’s not clear why there isn’t an Amazon app for Apple TV — it may be due to the fact that Apple takes a healthy 30 percent cut of any sales through its apps.

This move means we probably won’t see an app on the tvOS App Store for Amazon, which could be a problem for the new Apple TV. Reviewers have complained before about the lack of unique content on the interface.

A recent Bloomberg report noted that Amazon had always been planning to yank Apple and Google inventory on Oct. 29. The reasoning is both the “costumer confusion,” but the likely main reason is that its Prime Video service just isn’t easily compatible with Chromecast and Apple TV. Amazon, the largest online retailer on the planet, has the muscle to support its own exclusive products at the expense of some popular competitors, and that appears to be its strategy this time around.

Bloomberg described an email it obtained from the company to its marketplace sellers announcing the decision. This indicates that Amazon is willing to sacrifice some sales in order to stake its claim on a growing market for streaming television.

Apple TV and Chromecast Removed from Amazon

Amazon’s Strategy to discourage competition from competitive streaming products like Apple TV and Google’s Chromecast by Removing them from Amazon’s online store.
It appears as if Amazon wants absolutely nothing to stand in the way of its streaming service Fire TV. Earlier in the week, they took all of the Google Chromecast & Apple TV products down from their website.

It’s true, Apple TV & Chromecast have now been pulled and Amazon is no longer selling those two as well as most other streaming devices through their website. This is nothing but an effort to try and get some life into the Prime Video subscriptions of theirs as well as improve the sales of its Fire TV & Fire TV Stick. But if you are only reading about this right now then you should know that these plans were actually confirmed by Amazon a month ago when they said they were going to removing Apple TV as well as all other streaming devices in order to avoid confusion among customers.

In the statement that was issued last month, they said that it was important that streaming media players which it sells work well with Prime Video. This just shows how this tech giant saw the Prime Video service as just one leg on its proverbial chair, one of the cornerstones of its broader business.

However, Amazon did not pull all of the streaming devices from its site, there are still a few third party products which are available if you don’t want to buy a Fire TV. All of the Roku gadgets are still available, and the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One are also found under streaming players even though they technically are gaming consoles. Interestingly enough, Amazon still hasn’t explained why it didn’t make any channels or apps for Apple TV even though people have suggested that they are not willing to pay 30% of the content sales that Apple asks for.

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