Games Will Be More Amazing With Playstation 4s 7th Cpu Core Toledo Technology Time 12432

It seems the PlayStation 4 is now just a little more powerful than before. At least for game developers, anyway. None of the console’s components have changed instead it’s being reported that a seventh core has been “unlocked” in the CPU.

Sony enabled Playstation 4’s 7th CPU Core for Game Developers

Until now, six of the PlayStation 4’s eight-core CPU have been dedicated to games, while the remaining two handle the operating system. In all likelihood, this was a conservative setup to ensure consoles ran smoothly at launch. It also gave Sony some wiggle-room if they needed to make any system changes or optimizations. Now, however, it seems the company is happy with the console’s performance and willing to give developers a tad extra power.

That’s more, older PS4 games won’t benefit from this extra CPU core either as they’re not built to use it. Though obviously developers could in theory go back and patch this support in but that could be a potentially dangerous course of action, as it would likely result in a litany of sanity shredding bugs. Especially if it dealt with any of the game’s underlying systems, which in terms of optimisation means it very likely would.
In reality, while this is a moderately helpful gesture by Sony it’s more about PR for the console than anything practical.

In addition, PlayStation 4 had the better computing chips, which were an advantage over the Xbox One. The PS4’s graphics chip was more or less 50 percent more powerful than the Xbox One. The difference in RAM was also an advantage for the PS4 which gave a huge bandwidth advantage.

So for this new Sony PlayStation 4 news, Sony has now unlocked the seventh CPU core of the console, which will make it perform better, according to Neo Win. There was an update to the console, which is opening up developer access to the seventh core of the CPU in a report from the PlayStation 4 software changelog.

This new update will optimize the performance of the PS4 when it comes to games. This update was unlocked because sometimes the PS4 misses the 1080p and 60 FPS benchmark in some major games in the market. By unlocking the seventh core to the developers, this will let them improve the performance of the game, according to sources.

There will be limitations of the usage which most likely will only let them use half of the power of the seventh core and not fully

In that, with this new core available for development it means that on paper the PS4 is again more powerful than the Xbox One. However, compared to modern PCs this improvement is entirely meaningless.

The newly unlocked CPU core is mentioned in recent release notes for FMOD Studio, a piece of game development audio middleware: “PS4 – Added FMOD_THREAD_CORE6 to allow access to the newly unlocked 7th core.” Sony is yet to confirm the move or comment on the matter, but this would suggest that the core, at least in some capacity, can now be utilised by game developers.

Microsoft has taken a similar approach with the Xbox One, opening up a seventh CPU core in January and, as a consequence, relinquishing some of its reserve system resources. For the time being, little will change with your PlayStation 4 experience — games will run as before unless developers release a targeted patch. In the future, however, it’s possible that new releases will look or perform just a touch better than before. We’ve got our fingers crossed the Naughty Dog team is already utilising it for Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End.

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