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Earlier this month Google caught us a little off foot when they announced that they didn’t scrub up the Google Glass project. In regards to their previous statement, this week, Google released a couple of the schematics, detailing their new approach on the new generation glasses. Google Glass 2 employs a snake-like headband, which can be adjusted into different position.

No further indication as to why Google wanted to pursue this kind of approach

According to internal sources, after the Google Glass project was scrubbed off the blackboard, the board decided that it’s high time to do a little restructuring. With the Glass Explorer project shutting down in early January, all team members in charge of the project were changed and the project itself got a new overseer, in the person of Tony Fadell, who is also in charge of Nest.

Though Google discontinued Glass earlier this year, it revived its wearable efforts as Project Aura in June with the intention of developing a successor or perhaps multiple successors to Glass. The Information reported earlier this month that Google had as many as three different prototypes in the works. One of those prototypes was described as a “sport” version while a form of more traditional-looking smart glasses was said to be in the works for enterprise customers. Whether this patent describes any of those prototypes is unclear. Google was not immediately available for comment.

While the original version of the wearable device rested on the nose of the wearers, the new version will have to be balanced by the users on the side of their head. Some parts of the band would have touch capabilities so users will be able to control some elements with it. The display part of the device would be positioned suspended over the eye of the user.

Although it doesn’t mention the Glass, this monocle looks every bit to be a newer, sleeker version of Google’s wearable tech device.Just two months later, the company sought out new opportunities for its wearable device, but any announcements about such advances have gone silent since then.The patent hints at the possible design of a second-generation, enterprise-focused version of Google Glass wearable device – Google Glass 2.

So, what’s so special about Google Glass 2? If we recall correctly, the reason why the first version of Google Glass was withdrawn from the market was that the glasses would harm the user over time. This was because of the way that the glasses transmitted audio signals, via a bone transmitter.

Wanting to bring something totally new to the public, Google decided to abandon the glassy design for their device and go with something on the line of a monocle. Basically, Google Glass 2 will come in the form of a monocle, shaped like a snake, which starts from the upper year, making its way around the way. The coolest aspect of this new concept is that the Glass is able to take the shape of your face, just like a memory foam.

According to Google, the user may adjust the Glass however they desire

And, in regard to future aspects of the problem, such as video rendering, Google went ahead and came with the solution. Although the device is designed to cover only one part of the face, by using a special kind of prism, the wearer can extend the incorporated video projector to render images in front of both eyes.

Over time, the Glass 2 project has attracted quite a lot of attention from the public. People are very interested to see how Google in going to work around the audio signal issue. Moreover, the project is bound to attract even more people because of the device’s sleek design, which kind of gives it a sporty allure.

No date or timeframe has been released from Google. So, if you’re planning of getting a pair for yourself, you’ll have to wait around a little more.

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