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Hotmail is the best way to keep you attached with advanced Microsoft services. It may serve the immediate message, Xbox Live and other opportunities to the users. The people can access the account from PC, Laptop, I-Pad, I-Phone, Android and Windows devices. The Hotmail sign up steps are underwritten.

Mandatory step:

The primary step of create an account in Hotmail is to open the site. The users can find the link through a normal SEO search. It may drive them in the Hotmail sign up statement directly. A simple click on the right link would be enough to do it. The Windows Live Account holders may not open another account for hotmail surfing. It has direct connection and the users may get Hotmail allowance.


The Hotmail registration process demands your online identity, like email address and others. Users may get the chance of Hotmail sign in with stuffing their name and creating a Hotmail password. Some personal info is needed for security purpose.

Contact info:

It is very helpful for the profile owners, because the phone number and email address can resolve the forget password issues. How to open a Hotmail account, if you missed the password?The contact info is the alternative in such case.

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