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The structure of Gmail is very simple in web. The users have to follow the easy steps to get be a member of the social site. Gmail is allowing the easy membership for the people. How to open a Gmail account becomes a easy task from all devices. Now, the site is connecting Google account holders directly.

Gmail in Web:

Open the web browser sign in with your ID.
Type in the search box of Google.
Open the link and click on account sign up button.
A page will open that can show you some dialogue box. All you have to do is filling the blank spaces with right info.
The Gmail team will check your presence before allowing you for gmail sign up.
Gmail in smart phones:

Open the smart phone browser and follow the above steps.

Some android phones have Gmail. App. It doesn’t need the web search for gmail sign in.

Gmail in tab and other devices:

The web search is common, but the presence of the Gmail app may reduce that factor. Therefore How to open a Gmail account in any devices is not a complicated topic today.

Open the application from your device and fill the spaces with your name and other info to be the member in minutes.

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